Meet the Ambassador and Consuls of Honduras

In the framework of international relations, diplomatic representatives play a crucial role in strengthening ties between countries. Honduras, a country with a rich history and culture, is no exception.

In this article, we introduce you to the outstanding Honduran diplomats in the United States, from ambassadors to consuls, who work tirelessly to represent their country’s interests and assist their compatriots abroad.

Honduran Consuls

Suyapa Tosta, Consul of Miami
Suyapa Tosta, Consul of Miami
Suyapa Tosta, Consul General of Honduras in Miami since 2023, is an outstanding diplomat and lawyer with a career full of achievements and recognitions. In this article, we delve into…

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Julissa Gutiérrez Villanueva, Consul in Los Angeles
Julissa Gutiérrez Villanueva, Consul in Los Angeles
At the heart of Honduran diplomacy in Los Angeles is Julissa Gutiérrez Villanueva, a leading figure whose work as Consul General of Honduras has made a significant difference in the…

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Rafael Fernando Sierra, ambassador of Honduras to the U.S.
Rafael Fernando Sierra, ambassador of Honduras to the U.S.
Rafael Fernando Sierra Quesada is a Honduran diplomat who assumed the position of Deputy Ambassador of Honduras to the United States in May 2019. Prior to this position, he worked…

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Antonio García Carranza
Antonio García Carranza
Antonio García Carranza is the current Undersecretary of Foreign Affairs for Consular and Migratory Affairs of Honduras. Born in Tegucigalpa, Honduras, in 1975. He holds a degree in International Relations…

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Consular work

We will distinguish according to the political affiliations of the consuls, and how these influence their areas of focus and responsibilities.

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In other words, each classification we see below corresponds to a political party in Honduras.

Liberal Party of Honduras (PLH)

PLH-affiliated consuls, such as José María Mejía in Los Angeles and Dora de Molina in New York, have key responsibilities in consular and immigration matters. This includes:

  • Assistance to Hondurans Abroad: They provide essential services such as passport renewal, legal assistance in cases of detention, and help in emergency situations.
  • Immigration Management: Advise and support Honduran citizens in immigration processes, such as visas, residency and naturalization.
  • Protection of Rights: They defend the rights of Hondurans abroad, ensuring that they are treated fairly and in accordance with local laws.

National Party of Honduras (PNH)

PNH representatives, such as Raul Mejia in Dallas and Jose Manuel Flores in San Juan, Puerto Rico, focus on:

  • Strengthening Cultural and Economic Ties: They work to promote Honduran culture in the United States through cultural events, festivals and artistic collaborations.
  • Economic Development: Promote trade and investment relations between both countries, seeking opportunities for Honduran businesses and entrepreneurs.

Free Party of Honduras (PL)

PL consuls, such as Luis Reyes in San Francisco, focus their efforts on:

  • Cultural Promotion: Organize events and programs to share and celebrate the Honduran cultural heritage, thus strengthening the identity of the Honduran community abroad.
  • Migratory Assistance: They offer consular services related to migration and advice on legal issues, focusing on protecting the rights of Hondurans abroad.

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