Consulate of Honduras in Dallas, Texas

If you are looking to contact the Honduras consulate in Dallas, either to schedule an appointment, know the exact location or simply to get their telephone contact, here you have all the data you need.

Address: 2520 West Irving Blvd, Suite 400 Irving, TX 75061 USA

Phone: +1 214 347 4441


Web site:

Social media: Facebook

Hours of operation: Monday to Friday from 09.00 to 15.00 and Saturdays and Sundays Closed.

Consul of Honduras in Dallas: Angel Sevilla

Embassy of Honduras: Embassy of Honduras in Washington, D.C.

Honduras Consular Appointment in Dallas

To schedule an appointment at the Honduran Consulate in Dallas, Texas, you can try calling by phone or you can also request it online through this link.

The building where the consulate is located is in an area with easy parking at the door. This is an office building in the Las Colinas business district, located in the city of Irving, Texas.

The district is located along Interstate 635, west of downtown Irving.

Photos and images of the Consulate of Dallas, Texas

This is the building we found when we reached the area where the Honduran consulate in Dallas is located.

Consulate of Honduras in Atlanta

User feedback

Looking at the opinions provided about the Honduran Consulate, several recurring patterns can be identified. Here is a summary of the opinions and some tips based on these valuable opinions from other users.

Negative aspects

  1. Lousy service: Many users have reported unsatisfactory service from the consulate.
  2. Problems with appointments: Recurring complaints mention difficulties in obtaining appointments, appointments cancelled without notice, and an online appointment system that does not work properly.
  3. Communication problems: Several users have mentioned that they are unable to communicate through the telephone number provided or that calls are not answered.
  4. Problems with documents: Some users have faced inconveniences when trying to obtain or renew their documents, including unclear or unreasonable requirements.

Positive aspects

Despite the criticisms, there are some opinions that highlight a fast, friendly and organized service. Some users have had a good experience, as they got the appointment more or less quickly and then everything went quite smoothly.

It must be said that they are the fewest, but it’s all about luck.

Unique features of the Dallas Consulate


I want to take you behind the scenes at the Honduran Consulate in Dallas, a place that is not only a meeting point for our community in Texas, but also a vibrant center of culture and assistance.

With its strategic location sharing a building with other consulates and international offices, the Consulate stands as a multicultural microcosm in the heart of Dallas.

History and Legacy of the Consulate

Since its establishment in 1985, this consulate has stood out as one of the oldest representatives of Honduras in the United States.

More than just a point of service, it has been a bulwark in promoting the rights of Hondurans in Texas, making a difference in the lives of many.

A Broad Scope

With a jurisdiction spanning 47 counties, including such giants as Dallas, Fort Worth, Houston, Austin and San Antonio, the Consulate serves a Honduran community of more than 100,000 people. It is impressive to think of the vast area and diversity of needs that this consulate addresses on a daily basis.

Events and Culture

The Consulate comes alive with the organization of cultural and civic events that connect us to our roots, such as the Catracho Festival and the celebration of Honduran Independence Day.

These events not only remind us of where we come from, but also serve as a window into our rich culture for the rest of the Dallas community.

Assistance and Support

In a world where legal and immigration challenges are a constant for many of our compatriots, the Consulate offers an invaluable legal assistance program.

From help with immigration and labor issues to repatriation services for those Hondurans who sadly pass away far from their homeland, the Consulate is there to support in the most difficult moments.

Renewal and Commitment

In 2023, the Consulate took a step forward by renovating its facilities to further improve the services provided to our community.

This renovation effort underscores the Consulate’s continued commitment to the welfare and support of Hondurans in Texas, ensuring that each visit is as welcoming and efficient as possible.

The Honduran Consulate in Dallas is more than just a set of offices; it is a home away from home for many Hondurans in Texas. With its rich history, broad outreach, vibrant cultural offerings, outreach programs and recent improvements, the Consulate stands out as a beacon of hope and unity for our community.

It reminds us of the strength we have together and the unwavering support we can find, even far from our beloved Honduras.

Passport Appointment

If you are looking for information on how to schedule an appointment to obtain or renew your passport at the Consulate General of Honduras in Houston, follow these steps:

  1. Log in to request an appointment at the Dallas Consulate.
  2. By telephone: Some users have tried to contact the consulate by telephone to schedule their appointment, although, according to opinions, there could be communication problems or disabled numbers.
  3. In person: Although not the most convenient method, in emergency situations or if other methods fail, you may consider visiting the consulate in person to request information on how to schedule an appointment.
  4. Email: You can always try writing by email as well, to exhaust all avenues. Some users report that they have received a response.

What to expect about your passport appointment and other formalities

Here are some recommendations that can make your visit to the consulate easier.

  1. Preparation: Before attending the consulate or attempting to obtain an appointment, it is vital to research and prepare all necessary documents. Some users have experienced problems due to unmet requirements.
  2. Persistence: Since many have reported problems getting appointments, it is advisable to try early and be persistent, especially at the beginning of each month when, according to some comments, you are more likely to get an appointment.
  3. Alternative communication: If you cannot communicate by phone, try other means such as e-mail or even come in person, if possible.
  4. Review of requirements: Make sure you understand all the requirements for the proceeding you wish to undertake, particularly those that may be specific or non-conventional (such as the case of parental rights or parental authorizations).
  5. Patience and courtesy: Despite frustrations, it is important to remember that courtesy and patience can help you get a better response or service.

I hope you find these tips useful, either for yourself or for someone who may need them. Good luck!

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