How to Write an Effective Job Recommendation Letter

When a colleague or employee asks you for a job recommendation letter, it is a big responsibility. This letter can be key in helping them get a new job or advance professionally.

Here we will explain step by step how to write a letter of recommendation that highlights the qualities and skills of the person you are recommending in an effective way.

Structure of an employment recommendation letter

To design your job recommendation letter, you can follow these steps, as long as you don’t forget any important aspect.

Step 1: Understand the Purpose

Before you begin writing, it is crucial to understand what position or type of job the person is applying for. This will allow you to focus the letter on highlighting the skills and experiences that are most relevant to the position.

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Step 2: Proper Formatting

A letter of recommendation should be formal and professional. Use letterhead if possible, and follow a conventional business letter format that begins with your contact information, the date, and the recipient’s contact details.

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Step 3: Clear Introduction

Begin the letter by introducing yourself and explaining your professional relationship with the recommended person. Indicate how long you have known them and in what capacity.

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Step 4: Develop the Letter Body

In one or two paragraphs, highlight the person’s specific accomplishments and skills. Use concrete examples that demonstrate how you have contributed to your current or past position. It is important to be honest and positive.

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Keywords: “specific achievements”, “concrete examples”.

Step 5: Strong Conclusion

End the letter by reaffirming your recommendation of the person for the position or opportunity for which they are applying. You can say that you “recommend without reservation” or that “you are sure it will be an excellent addition to any team”.

Keywords: “recommend without reservation”, “excellent addition”, “excellent addition”.

Step 6: Invite Contact

It offers the possibility to provide more information if necessary. Include your phone number or e-mail address where you can be contacted to further discuss the candidate’s qualifications.

Keywords: “provide more information”, “contact for discussion”.


A letter of recommendation is a powerful document that can open doors and help someone advance in their career. By taking the time to write it carefully, you are offering invaluable support.

Sample Letter

Here we leave you a sample letter of recommendation for the job, but feel free to download it in PDF from here:

It should be noted that all data in this letter is fabricated. It serves only as a template for writing your own letter.

Jorge Martinez
Human Resources Director
Industrias Tecnológicas SA
1234 Innovation Street
Mexico City, CDMX 01010
+52 1 55 1234 5678
April 21, 2024

Mr. Carlos Hernandez
Hiring Manager
Advanced Enterprise Solutions
4321 Calle del Progreso
Mexico City, CDMX 02020

Dear Mr. Hernandez:

I am writing to you in my capacity as Director of Human Resources at Industrias Tecnologicas SA, to warmly recommend Ms. Ana Gomez, who has been an exceptional employee in our marketing department for over five years.

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Since joining in 2019, Ana has proven to be a professional of unparalleled dedication and creativity. Among his many achievements, he coordinated the launch campaign for our flagship product, “TecnoMax”, which became the market leader in less than six months, generating a 150% increase in our sales. His ability to lead cross-functional teams under pressure was critical to the success of this campaign.

Ana possesses impressive problem-solving skills and a strategic vision that has driven numerous digital marketing initiatives. Under his leadership, our team developed a content strategy that doubled interaction on our social platforms and strengthened our online presence significantly.

I am convinced that Ana will be a valuable addition to any team and especially beneficial to your digital expansion project, given her experience and skills in the technology and digital marketing sector. Her work ethic, leadership and ability to generate results make her an ideal candidate for the position offered by your company.

Please feel free to contact me at the phone number or email provided above if you would like to further discuss Ana’s contributions to our company or any other pertinent details.

Thank you in advance for your attention to this recommendation.

Cordially yours,

[Firma digital si se envía por correo electrónico]

Jorge Martinez
Human Resources Director
Industrias Tecnológicas SA

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