Consulate General of Honduras in Houston, Texas

If you need to contact the Honduran consulate in Houston, either to schedule an appointment, find out the address or simply get their phone number, here you will find all the information you are looking for.

Address: 3100 Wilcrest Dr. Ste 100-125, Houston, TX, United States, Texas

Phone: +1 346-352-3176


Web site:

Social media: Facebook

Hours of operation: Monday to Friday from 09.00 to 15.00 and Saturdays and Sundays Closed.

Consul of Honduras in Houston: The Consul General of Honduras in Houston is Misael Vallecillo, appointed by President Xiomara Castro on July 20, 2023.

However, after some complaints against him, he has been summoned by the Honduran Foreign Ministry to present a report on his performance.

Although there is still no official word on a replacement, in case Vallecillo is removed, Gladis Arias, the deputy consul, will take over the position on an interim basis.

Embassy of Honduras: Embassy of Honduras in Washington, D.C.

Honduras Consular Appointment in Houston

To schedule an appointment at the consulate of Honduras in Houston, you can try to call by phone or you can also request it online through this link.

On the Facebook portal of this consulate, we see that they have left us a very visual guide on how to request an appointment by computer or cell phone. You can see it here.

Photos and images from the Consulate of Houston, Texas

This is the building we found when we reached the area where the Honduran consulate is located.

consulate image building

User feedback

Analyzing the opinions about the Consulate General of Honduras in Houston, it is clear that sentiments are mixed regarding the service provided. The following is a summary of the opinions gathered during the year 2024.

Negative Aspects

Problems with the Appointment System:

  • Description: A large number of users report problems when trying to obtain an appointment. Some mention that the online page for appointments does not work properly and others that they have been waiting for months, even years, to get one.
  • Tip: Consider trying to get an appointment at different times of the day or days of the week. It can also be useful to contact other users to share strategies that have worked.

Communication Difficulties:

  • Description: Many have expressed dissatisfaction with the lack of response to calls, emails and messages. In addition, they point out that telephone numbers sometimes appear to be disabled.
  • Tip: Don’t limit yourself to one media. If you don’t get a response by phone, try email or even the consulate’s social networks.

Positive aspects

Satisfactory Care in Specific Cases:

  • Description: Despite the criticisms, there are those who were able to complete their paperwork and are grateful for the attention received. These users had positive experiences during their visits to the consulate.
  • Tip: If you are about to visit the consulate, bring all the necessary documentation and arrive on time. Sometimes, personal attention can be more effective than virtual attention.

Response to Comments:

  • Description: It was noted that in response to some complaints, the consulate has provided answers and suggestions. This shows an interest on the part of the consulate to listen and improve.
  • Tip: When facing problems, do not hesitate to leave your opinion or comment. You might get an answer that helps you or, at least, you will be contributing to the feedback to improve the service.

In summary, although there are clear areas for improvement at the Consulate General of Honduras in Houston, there are also indications of efforts to provide good service. When attending, it is vital to be prepared and patient, taking into account the experiences shared by other users.

Passport Appointment

If you are looking for information on how to schedule an appointment to obtain or renew your passport at the Consulate General of Honduras in Houston, follow these steps:

  1. Log in to request an appointment at the Houston Consulate.
  2. By telephone: Some users have tried to contact the consulate by telephone to schedule their appointment, although, according to opinions, there could be communication problems or disabled numbers.
  3. In person: Although not the most convenient method, in emergency situations or if other methods fail, you may consider visiting the consulate in person to request information on how to schedule an appointment.

What to expect at your passport appointment

This is what you may encounter along the way, so be prepared.

  1. Difficulties with Appointments: Several users have expressed frustration when trying to obtain an appointment, either because the online system is not working properly or because they have been waiting for a long time for an available date. Be prepared to be persistent and try several times.
  2. Communication Problems: You may face challenges when trying to communicate with the consulate, either by phone or email.
  3. Waiting Time: Although some users have had positive experiences and have obtained their documents in a reasonable time, others have reported long waits. It is advisable to take into account possible delays and not to leave the process to the last minute.
  4. Required Documentation: Before your appointment, be sure to review and have all the necessary documents for the passport process. This will speed up the process and reduce the possibility of inconveniences.
  5. Active Feedback: Despite criticism, the consulate has shown interest in receiving feedback and improving. If you encounter any problems, do not hesitate to share your experience to contribute to service improvements.

Although there may be challenges in trying to obtain an appointment and complete your paperwork, it is crucial to maintain patience and persistence.

Preparing in advance and being clear about the requirements will help you in the process.

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