Latino pharmacies in Houston, information and contact information

If you’ve come this far, it’s because you’re looking for a Latino pharmacy in Houston that understands your needs and offers you a unique shopping experience. You are in the right place! In this guide, I will provide you with a listing of the top Latino pharmacies in Houston, as well as valuable information about what sets them apart and why they are the preferred choice of many people.

In addition, you will discover what exclusive products and services you can find in these pharmacies and how they can improve your and your family’s well-being.

Latin Pharmacia II1826 Wirt Rd, Houston, TX 77055+1 713-683-6004
Sav Pharmacy1823 Wirt RD, Houston, TX 77055(713) 467-3311
Walgreens #054231413 Wirt RD, Houston, TX 77055(713) 467-4585
Medical Square Pharmacy1401 Wirt RD STE E, Houston, TX 77055(713) 468-3236
Westview Pharmacy2323 Wirt RD SUITE F2, Houston, TX 77055(713) 365-9393
Walgreens #038208590 LONG POINT RD, Houston, TX 77055(713) 468-7813
Pronto Pharmacy8635 LONG POINT RD STE C, Houston, TX 77055(713) 492-2679
Medica Pharmacy2715 Fannin St, Houston, TX 77002(713) 838-8797
My Pharmacy3317 Orlando St, Houston, TX 77093(832) 582-5770
Del Sol Pharmacy6420 Hillcroft St Ste 101, Houston, TX 77081(713) 776-0806
Etc Pharmacy (Closed)6015 Hillcroft St, Houston, TX 77081(713) 774-5100
Pharmacy6055 Bissonnet St Ste C, Houston, TX 77081Not available
La Unica Pharmacy502 S Allen Genoa Rd, South Houston, TX 77587(346) 248-3925
Latin Pharmacia II1826 Wirt Rd, Houston, TX 77055(713) 683-6004
Medicine Shoppe Pharmacy (Closed)7950 S Sam Houston Pkwy W, Houston, TX 77085Not available
CVS Pharmacy1525 North Loop W, Houston, TX 77008(713) 868-7456
Hope Pharmacy1919 N Loop W, Houston, TX 77008(713) 864-0100
Tn Pharmacy12989 Bellaire Blvd, Houston, TX 77072(281) 561-0101
United Rx Corp6121 Hillcroft St, Houston, TX 77081(713) 496-1328
Public Pharmacy6400 Hillcroft St, Houston, TX 77081(713) 663-7800

Characteristics of Latin pharmacies

One of the main advantages of visiting a Latin pharmacy in Houston is the availability of specific products that may be difficult to find in other stores.

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For example, it is common to find over-the-counter medicines of brands that we used to use in Honduras, as well as traditional remedies and medicinal herbs that are part of our culture.

Other features that make these pharmacies unique are:

Personalized Attention in Spanish

At these pharmacies, you can expect personalized treatment in Spanish. The staff and pharmacists are willing to listen to your health needs and answer your questions in your language. This effective communication is essential when it comes to understanding the indications and side effects of medications.

Beauty and Personal Care Products

For those who wish to maintain their beauty and personal care routine, these pharmacies also offer a wide selection of products.

From hair care products to creams and lotions from familiar brands, you can find everything you need to look and feel your best.

Authentic Flavors

One of the most rewarding experiences is exploring the food section in these pharmacies.

Here, you can discover authentic ingredients and products from Honduras and other Latin American countries. From herbs and spices that flavor your favorite dishes to sweets and snacks that will take you back to your childhood, the food section is a real treasure trove.

Additional Services

In addition to products, some Latin pharmacies offer additional services that can be very useful. These services include money remittance and international money orders.

This can be especially important for those who wish to send remittances to loved ones in Honduras or other Latin American countries.

Examples of Products You Can Find:

  • Tamarind syrup to relieve cough.
  • Medicinal plants such as chamomile and boldo.
  • Shampoo and conditioners of Honduran brands.
  • Peanut cream to prepare your baleadas at home.
  • Typical Honduran sweets such as cocadas and macheteadas.
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Remember that the availability of products and services may vary from one pharmacy to another, so we recommend that you call or visit the specific pharmacy you are interested in to obtain updated information.

Latino pharmacies in Houston are a valuable resource that connects us to our roots and brings us comfort in a distant country. The next time you need specific products or language-friendly service, consider visiting one of these pharmacies. Your home in Houston is closer than you think!

The first Latino pharmacy in Houston

The first Latino pharmacy in Houston, known as“Farmacia La Guadalupana“, opened its doors in 1965. This historic pharmacy was founded by Sr. Jose Gonzalez, a Mexican immigrant with a clear vision: to fill the need for a pharmacy that offered products and services in Spanish to Houston’s growing Latino population.

Located in the heart of the El Segundo Barrio neighborhood, which at the time was the epicenter of the Mexican community in Houston, Farmacia La Guadalupana stood out for its extensive catalog of pharmaceutical products.

houston latin pharmacy

In addition, it offered a wide selection of beauty products, personal care, food, beverages and basic necessities. But what made it even more special was its commitment to providing pharmaceutical translation and counseling services in Spanish.

The opening of Farmacia La Guadalupana marked a significant milestone for Houston’s Latino community. It provided a crucial place where Latinos could get the products and services they needed in their own language, eliminating language barriers that often hindered access to health care. This not only improved accessibility to medical care, but also fostered the inclusion and active participation of the Latino community in Houston society.

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