Migrant Shelters in Miami

Miami, a city known for its vibrant cultural mix and warm sunshine, is also a haven for migrants looking for a fresh start.

For Hondurans and other immigrants who have made the arduous journey to the United States, finding a safe and welcoming place is a priority.

In this article, we will explore the shelters and services available to immigrants in Miami, focusing on what they are like, what they consist of, what conditions exist for entry, and where they are located.

Shelters in Miami: More than a roof over our heads

miami migrant shelters

Shelters in Miami don’t just offer a place to sleep.

These are comprehensive support centers offering legal assistance, medical care, and social services essential to the adaptation and well-being of immigrants.

These sites are operated by a variety of non-profit organizations and religious communities dedicated to helping the homeless and those in vulnerable situations.

Here we can see a compilation of migrant shelters in Miami.

  1. Catholic Charities of the Archdiocese of Miami
  2. Camillus House
    • They provide services for the homeless, including housing and recovery programs.
    • Website: Camillus House
    • Phone: (305) 374-1065
  3. Miami Rescue Mission – Center For Men
    • Offers a residential program for homeless men, with recovery and rehabilitation services.
    • Website: Miami Rescue Mission
    • Phone: (305) 571-2211
  4. Catholic Charities Of Miami Saint Lukes Center
    • Substance abuse treatment center and transitional housing.
    • Phone: (305) 795-0077
  5. The Lotus House Miami – Transitional Housing
    • Transitional housing for women.
    • Website: The Lotus House
    • Telephone: (305) 438-0556
  6. Miami Bridge Youth & Family Services
    • Temporary safe haven for youth in crisis.
    • Website: Miami Bridge
    • Phone: (305) 635-8953
  7. Better Way Of Miami
    • Provides housing and supportive services for people who are homeless, disabled or living with HIV/AIDS.
    • Phone: (305) 634-3409
  8. Volunteers Of America (Florida)
  9. Miami Dade Housing Agency Miami
    • Housing authority for affordable and public housing.
    • Telephone: (786) 469-4106
  10. Information and Orientation Center Inc Miami
    • Non-profit organization that provides housing assistance.
    • Telephone: (305) 759-1155
miami migrant shelters

These shelters and services offer a variety of assistance to migrants, including temporary housing, legal advice, psychological support, job search assistance, language courses and cultural integration programs.

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To contact and obtain more information about each of these shelters, it is recommended to visit their official websites or call their customer service lines.

In addition, the Miami-Dade County Department of Human Services is an excellent resource for additional information and guidance on migrant and homeless services. The contact number is 305-375-4777.

Types of Shelters

There are different types of shelters, depending on the organization that manages them or their location.

Churches: Sanctuaries of Support and Solidarity

miami migrant shelters

Several churches in Miami have extended their hands as a sign of help to the immigrants.

The Catholic Church, along with other religious communities, offers services ranging from food assistance to counseling for integration into U.S. society.

These churches are pillars of emotional and spiritual support that can also provide help in situations of domestic violence.

Free Shelters in Miami: A Temporary Home

miami migrant shelters

Free hostels in Miami are essential for those who arrive in the city without a place to live.

Some of these shelters specialize in supporting migrants and refugees, offering services tailored to their specific needs, such as advice on immigration and refugee processes.

Refugee Clinics: Health Care for the Most Vulnerable

Health is a priority, and in Miami, refugee clinics play a crucial role.

These clinics not only treat physical illnesses, but also offer mental health support, which is vitally important for those who have suffered trauma in their country of origin or during their migration.

Help Centers: Legal Advice and Assistance

Immigrant help centers in Miami provide essential resources such as legal assistance in navigating the complicated U.S. immigration system.

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These centers often collaborate with lawyers and immigration experts to provide the best possible advice.

Immigrant Aid Organizations

Organizations such as Catholic Charities and other nonprofits are at the heart of humanitarian aid in Miami.

With a deep sense of community and social services, these organizations offer everything from employment assistance to cultural integration programs.

South Florida: A Mosaic of Cultures and Services

In the South Florida area, immigrants can find a mosaic of cultures and a wide range of services designed for their well-being.

This includes educational programs, community activities and events that foster inclusion and celebrate diversity.

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