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Hispanic and Latino stores in the United States are much more than just retail outlets; they are cultural centers that keep our traditions alive and connect us to the flavors of home. These establishments are crucial for Latinos looking for specific ingredients for traditional dishes such as arepas, aji de gallina, sancocho, tacos or ceviche.

The possibility of finding those special products that complete our recipes is invaluable.

Top U.S. Latino Stores

Here is a complete and detailed list of several Hispanic and Latino stores in the United States.

Store NameLocationNumber of StoresSpecialtyWeb Site
Northgate Gonzalez MarketsCalifornia38Assorted Latin products+ info
Vallarta SupermarketsCalifornia30Assorted Latin products+ info
Superior GrocersTexas20Assorted Latin products+ info
Sedano’s SupermarketCalifornia20Cuban and Caribbean products+ info
Cardenas MarketCalifornia15Assorted Latin products+ info
The Latin StoreChicago, IllinoisOne-stop storeMexican products+ info
Central MarketMiami, FloridaOne-stop storeCuban products+ info
Latin bakeryWashington, D.C.One-stop storePanamanian products+ info
Mi Pueblo Food CenterCalifornia19Mexican products+ info
El Rancho SupermarketTexas16Mexican products+ info

Honduran Products Stores

In these stores you will find a great specialization in products of Honduran origin.

Store NameLocationSpecialtyWeb Site or Contact
Honduras GroceryVarious locations in the U.S.Honduran food and cultural productsInstagram
Mercadoito CatrachoMiami, FloridaHonduran products, including groceries and handicrafts+ info
The Honduran HouseHouston, TexasFood and typical products from Honduras+ Info
Catracha StoreLos Angeles, CaliforniaFood products from HondurasFacebook
Honduras Unica SupermarketNew Orleans, LouisianaWide selection of Honduran productsFacebook
La Ceibeña MarketAtlanta, GeorgiaSpecializing in products from HondurasFacebook

In addition, some Latin American general stores may also offer a section of Honduran products, even if they do not specialize exclusively in them.

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How do I find a Hispanic store near me?

In addition to the businesses we’ve shown you, there are other small businesses located throughout the United States and you can search for those in your community using resources like these:

latin store near me
  1. Social Networks and Community Groups: Join Facebook groups or online forums where the Honduran community in the U.S. meets and shares information. Ask these groups for recommendations of stores that sell Honduran products.
  2. Visit Areas with High Honduran Population: If you live near an area with a significant Honduran population, there are likely to be stores that sell Honduran products. Explore these neighborhoods and ask locals for recommendations.
  3. Ask at Honduran Restaurants: Visit local Honduran restaurants and ask the staff if they know of stores where you can buy Honduran products. Often, restaurant owners have connections with suppliers and specialty stores.
  4. General Latin American Stores: Many Latin American stores have sections dedicated to specific products from different countries. Visit these stores and look for a section of Honduran products.
  5. Honduran Cultural Events: Attend Honduran cultural events in your area. These events often have booths or sponsors that are local stores where you can find Honduran products.
  6. Contact Honduran Consulates or Associations: The Honduran consulate in your area or Honduran associations may have information on stores that sell Honduran products.
  7. Hispanic Media Ads: Listen to local Spanish-language radio stations or look for ads in newspapers and magazines targeting the Hispanic community, where these types of stores are often advertised.
  8. Ask at Churches or Community Centers: Churches and community centers often serve as gathering points for the Honduran diaspora and may have information on where to find Honduran products.
  9. Directories of Latin markets in the USA, for example we have a very complete one in California. Mercadolatino.us
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These resources are essential for those looking to connect with Latin culture through food and local products.

What can we find in Latin supermarkets

In a Latin supermarket in the United States, you can find a wide variety of products that reflect the rich diversity of Latin American cuisines and cultures.

Here is what you can usually find in these supermarkets:

products latin stores
  1. Fresh Fruits and Vegetables: Many Latino supermarkets offer a selection of fresh fruits and vegetables that may be difficult to find in other supermarkets. This includes products such as avocados, guavas, mangos, papayas, cassava, malanga, chayotes and a variety of fresh chiles.
  2. Meat and Seafood: They have butcher shops that offer cuts of meat common in Latin American dishes, such as flank steak (for carne asada), chicharrón, or meat for making tacos al pastor. They also usually have a good selection of fresh seafood.
  3. Dairy Products and Cheeses: You can find a variety of Latin cheeses such as queso fresco, queso cotija, queso panela and queso Oaxaca. In addition, dairy products such as Mexican cream and tropical flavored yogurts.
  4. Frozen and Refrigerated: Frozen food sections including empanadas, tamales, banana leaves for tamale wrapping, and frozen fruits and vegetables.
  5. Canned and Dried Products: Wide variety of canned and dried beans, lentils, corn and other products. You will also find products such as dried chilies, special flours (such as masa harina) and spices.
  6. Bakery and Sweets: Bakeries offering fresh breads such as bolillos, pan de dulce, and pastries. Also a selection of Latin American sweets such as dulce de leche, marzipan and chocolates.
  7. Beverages: Latin brand soft drinks and juices, including tropical fruit drinks, powdered aguas frescas and Latin American coffee.
  8. Prepared and Deli Products: Some supermarkets have prepared food sections with ready-to-eat dishes such as tacos, pupusas, arepas or more elaborate dishes.
  9. Household and Beauty Products: Cleaning products, kitchen items, and beauty products that are popular in Latin American countries.
  10. Cultural and Religious Products: Candles, incense, amulets, and other products related to cultural and religious practices.
  11. Music and Movies: Some supermarkets also sell Latin music CDs, DVD movies and other entertainment items.

These supermarkets are cultural meeting points where you can not only buy a wide range of products, but also enjoy the atmosphere and the community that surrounds them.

Do you know of more Hispanic stores offering Honduran products in the United States? Feel free to share them with us in the comments!

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