Examples of political asylum letter to the united states

Drafting a letter requesting political asylum to the United States is a delicate and personal process that must be handled with great care and precision.

The letter should be specific to your individual situation and needs. Here I provide you with a generalized and structured example that you can adapt according to your case.

Asylum letter template

[Tu Nombre Completo]

[Tu Dirección Actual]

City, State, Zip Code] [City, State, Zip Code

[País de Residencia Actual]


Asylum Office U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services [Dirección de la Oficina de Asilo correspondiente]

Dear Ladies and Gentlemen,

I am writing to submit my formal request for political asylum in the United States of America. My name is [Tu Nombre Completo], I am a citizen of [Tu País de Origen] and I am currently residing at [Tu Ubicación Actual].

The main reason for my application for asylum is [briefly explain your reason: persecution on account of race, religion, nationality, membership in a particular social group, or political opinion]. In my home country, I have faced [detail situations of persecution, threats, violence, discrimination, etc., that you have experienced]. These events have placed me in a situation of imminent and constant danger, affecting my safety, freedom and well-being.

Attached to this letter, you will find [list the documents and evidence you are enclosing, such as police reports, testimonials, medical reports, news articles, etc., that support your case].

During my stay at [Tu País de Origen], I was [detail your role in society, your profession, any relevant political or social activity in which you participated]. Because of these activities, I have been [describe any arrest, detention, interrogation, torture, or any other form of persecution you have experienced].

I have decided to seek asylum in the United States because of [explain why you believe the United States is the safest place for you, and why you cannot seek asylum in another country or return to your home country].

I understand that the asylum process is complex and requires a detailed assessment of each case. I am willing to provide any additional information necessary and to cooperate in any way required for the processing of my application.

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I thank you in advance for your attention to my case and hope that you will consider my request favorably. The possibility of living in a safe and stable environment is my greatest hope and need at this time.

Sincerely yours,

[Tu Nombre Completo]

This example is just a starting point. Each asylum application is unique and should reflect your specific personal circumstances.

In addition, it is crucial to seek the assistance of an immigration and asylum attorney to ensure that your case is presented in the most effective manner possible.

What do I have to say to be granted asylum in the United States?

Obtaining asylum in the United States is a complex and rigorous process. To increase the likelihood that your application will be approved, it is crucial to understand and meet the specific criteria established by U.S. immigration law. Here are some key aspects to consider when presenting your case:

  1. Demonstrate a well-founded fear of persecution: You must be able to demonstrate that you have a well-founded fear of persecution in your home country because of your race, religion, nationality, membership in a particular social group or political opinion.
  2. Evidence of Persecution or Fear of Future Persecution: It is essential to have solid evidence to support your case. This may include, but is not limited to, documentation of past incidents of persecution, threats, evidence of violence or discrimination, medical reports in case of injury, news articles, human rights reports and witness statements.
  3. Explain Why You Cannot or Will Not Return to Your Home Country: You must clearly explain why it is not safe for you to return to your home country and why you cannot receive protection there.
  4. Meeting Eligibility Requirements: You must meet the eligibility requirements for asylum, including filing your application within one year of your arrival in the United States, unless there are exceptional circumstances that justify a delay.
  5. Consistency and Detail in your Story: Your story must be consistent, detailed and credible. Inconsistencies or gaps in your narrative may affect the credibility of your application.
  6. Know and Respect the Legal Process: The asylum process is legally complex and can be lengthy. Understanding the process steps, deadlines and legal requirements is crucial.
  7. Avoid Falsifying Information: Submitting false information or fraudulent documents may result in denial of your application and legal penalties.
  8. Professional Legal Advice: Due to the complexity of the asylum process, it is highly advisable to seek the assistance of an immigration attorney. An experienced attorney can provide guidance and help present your case in the most effective manner.
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Remember, each asylum case is unique and subject to individual evaluation by immigration officers and immigration judges. Meeting these points may improve your chances, but does not guarantee approval of your application.

Honesty and accuracy in your application are essential.

How long does the asylum process take in the United States?

The time it takes to process asylum in the United States can vary considerably depending on a number of factors. These include the complexity of the case, the current workload of asylum offices and immigration courts, and whether the case is affirmative (filed directly with U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services) or defensive (filed as part of removal proceedings).

  1. Affirmative Asylum:
    • Generally, after filing an affirmative asylum application, the initial interview is expected to occur within 45 days.
    • Once the interview is conducted, the decision could take several weeks or months. In some cases, it may take longer, especially if the case is complex or if additional investigation is required.
  2. Defensive Asylum:
    • Defensive asylum proceedings, which take place in the context of deportation proceedings before an immigration judge, can take much longer, often years, due to lengthy delays in the immigration courts.
    • Waiting times for initial and final hearings can vary significantly depending on which immigration court the case is in.
  3. Additional Factors:
    • The current COVID-19 pandemic situation has affected processing times in many government offices, including the immigration system.
    • Changes in immigration policies and adjustments in administrative procedures may also influence processing times.

Since processing times can change and are affected by multiple variables, it is advisable to consult with an immigration attorney or review updates on the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) website for the most accurate and up-to-date information on specific wait times for asylum processing.

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