Casa de Honduras in Houston: A Vibrant Cultural and Community Center

Since its founding in 1982, La Casa de Honduras in Houston has been a beacon of culture and community for Hondurans in this vibrant city. Born out of the need to preserve and promote the rich traditions of Honduras, the organization has grown to become an emblematic cultural and community center.

Located at 9621 Bissonnet St, in the heart of the Sharpstown neighborhood, an area known for its significant Honduran population, La Casa de Honduras is more than a physical location; it is a home away from home for many. Here, traditions are kept alive and pride in Honduran heritage is encouraged.

Programs and Services Offered

At La Casa de Honduras, culture comes alive through a variety of programs and activities. Spanish classes help Hondurans to maintain their mother tongue and others to learn this vibrant language.

honduras house

Folkloric dances, full of color and tradition, tell stories of Honduras through their movements.

Music and art are not far behind, offering a sensory journey to the heart of Honduras. The testimonies of the participants speak of a place of learning, celebration and community, a place where Honduran roots are nurtured and thrive.

Impact on Houston’s Honduran Community

Casa de Honduras has played a crucial role in the integration and adaptation of the Honduran community in Houston.

Through its programs and events, it has provided a space where Hondurans can connect with their roots and share their culture with others. Special events and cultural celebrations, such as festivals and commemorative days, are moments where the community comes together, celebrates and educates others about the rich Honduran heritage.

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“Participate in our events and activities to keep our culture alive.”

Contact Information and How to Get Involved

Casa de Honduras is located at 9621 Bissonnet St, Houston, TX 77036.

The Casa also has an associated restaurant called Casa Honduras Restaurant, which is located in the same building. The restaurant offers a variety of traditional Honduran dishes, such as baleadas, mondongo soup, chicken with slices and fried fish.

Phone: +1 832-879-0260


Casa de Honduras in Houston is much more than a cultural center: it is a beating heart of the Honduran community in this Texas metropolis. Since its founding in 1982, it has served not only as a meeting place, but also as a beacon for the preservation and celebration of Honduran culture.

. In its spaces, young and old alike find a refuge to keep their traditions alive, learn new skills and connect with their roots.

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