Julissa Gutiérrez Villanueva, Consul in Los Angeles

At the heart of Honduran diplomacy in Los Angeles is Julissa Gutiérrez Villanueva, a leading figure whose work as Consul General of Honduras has made a significant difference in the Honduran community in the United States.

With a unique combination of experience, passion and leadership, Villanueva has been instrumental in promoting Honduran interests on the West Coast of the United States.

Full NameJulissa Gutierrez Villanueva
Date of birthJanuary 2, 1975
Height1.68 meters
Known couplesInformation not publicly available
SonsInformation not publicly available
Current positionConsul General of Honduras in Los Angeles, California
Awards and recognitionsDiplomatic Excellence Award, granted by the Association of Diplomats in California.
Recognition for Contributions to the Honduran Community Abroad, by the International Honduran Organization.
Profiles in social networksTwitter: @JGutierrezHN
Facebook: JulissaGutierrezVillanueva
Instagram: @julissagv_hn

Biography of Julissa Gutiérrez Villanueva

Born in Tegucigalpa, Julissa Gutiérrez Villanueva discovered early on her vocation for diplomacy and international relations.

He studied at the National Autonomous University of Honduras, where he graduated with honors in Political Science and International Relations. Later, he obtained his master’s degree in Diplomacy and International Trade at the University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA).

Training and Career Path

Prior to becoming Consul General in Los Angeles, Villanueva worked at the Honduran Ministry of Foreign Affairs, where he excelled at handling complex negotiations and international cooperation projects.

His experience also includes collaborations with organizations such as the UN and the OAS, as well as multinational companies, where he focused on improving trade relations between Honduras and the United States.

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Personal Life

Outside of her diplomatic role, Julissa is known for her passion for education and culture. She is active in literacy programs and is an advocate for Honduran arts.

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