Red card for immigrants

The Red Migrant Card is a tool designed by immigrant rights advocates to assist people who do not have an established immigration status in a country and who may face situations with immigration agents.

These are the main features and usage of the card based on the information in the link you provided:

  1. What is the Red Card?
    • It is a document created with the purpose of helping migrants to exercise their rights in case they are detained or questioned by immigration agents or the police.
    • The card states that the bearer has the right not to testify without the presence of a lawyer and not to sign any document without first consulting a lawyer.
  2. What is it for?
    • Its main function is to assist migrants in knowing and asserting their rights before the authorities.
    • It is a means of reminding the authorities that the migrant knows his or her rights and is willing to exercise them.
  3. How to get it?

It is essential that migrants are informed and prepared for any situation in which their rights may be violated. The Red Card is a resource that helps them to be safer in these circumstances.

Who can apply for the US Red Card

The Red Card is designed primarily for migrants who do not have an established immigration status in a country. These are the people who can apply:

  1. Migrants without legal status: People who are in a country without proper documentation or whose stay permit has expired.
  2. Persons in the process of regularization: Those who are in the middle of a legal process to obtain an immigration status but have not yet received a resolution.
  3. Migrants in fear of being detained: Even if a person’s immigration status is in order, if they feel they may face adverse situations with immigration agents or the police due to their appearance or accent, they can carry the Red Card with them to ensure they exercise their rights properly.
  4. Family members of migrants: Sometimes, family members of people without immigration status may also carry a Red Card so they know how to act in the event a loved one is detained.
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It is important to mention that the Red Card is not a legal document that grants immigration status or protection against deportation.

It is an informative tool that reminds and declares the rights that migrants have in case they are detained or questioned.

Is it possible to work in the USA with a red card?

No, the Red Card does not grant work permits or any other type of immigration status in the United States. It is simply an informational tool that indicates a migrant’s rights in the event of an encounter with immigration agents or the police.

The card is designed to be presented in situations where the migrant may be detained or questioned to ensure that his or her rights are respected.

To work legally in the United States, you need a work permit or a visa that allows employment, such as the H-1B visa for skilled workers, among others.

Working in the U.S. without the proper permit can have serious immigration and legal consequences. If someone is considering working in the United States, it is essential to seek legal advice and make sure you have the correct documentation and permits.

How long does a red color last?

The Red Card itself is simply a printed informational tool, so it does not have a “shelf life” in terms of validity.

It can be used any time a person feels it is necessary to remind them of their rights during an encounter with immigration agents or the police.

However, it is crucial for migrants to be aware of any changes in immigration laws or policies and to update information and resources as needed.

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It is important to emphasize that the Red Card does not guarantee any immigration status or grant any additional rights to the holder, it is simply a way to clearly and concisely communicate the rights they already have under U.S. law.


The Red Card offers several benefits to migrants, especially in the context of encounters with immigration agents or police in the United States:

  1. Key Information: The Red Card provides essential information about the rights of migrants in the United States, regardless of their immigration status.
  2. Effective Communication: Helps people communicate clearly and concisely their rights without having to speak, which can be helpful if they are nervous or frightened.
  3. Prevention of Self-Incrimination: By showing the card, the migrant can assert his or her right not to answer questions that might self-incriminate him or her and his or her right to have an attorney present.
  4. Awareness of Rights: Having a Red Card can give migrants a sense of security and confidence when interacting with authorities, knowing that they are equipped with knowledge of their rights.
  5. Ease of Access: The Red Card is easy to carry, as it is the size of a business card, and can be kept in a wallet or pocket.
  6. Free Dissemination: The card can be downloaded free of charge from the Immigrant Legal Resource Center website and other related sites.

It is essential to understand that the Red Card is an informational tool and does not grant any legal status or provide protection against deportation. Its main purpose is to inform migrants about their rights in specific situations.

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