Sample letter of recommendation for immigration

First of all, I am going to show you a sample letter of recommendation for immigration and then we will look at a real case to learn more about all the options when submitting this letter to immigration.

Sample Letter

[Tu nombre]
[Tu dirección]
City, State, Zip Code] [City, State, Zip Code
[Correo electrónico]
[Número de teléfono]

To whom it may concern:

I am hereby very pleased to write this letter of recommendation on behalf of [Nombre del solicitante]a native of Honduras, who has resided in [city, state], U.S.A., since [año de llegada]. Throughout this time, I have had the privilege of getting to know [Nombre del solicitante] in my capacity as [your relationship with the applicant, e.g., employer, mentor, community leader], and I have witnessed your exceptional character, work ethic and contributions to both our local community and the Honduran diaspora here in the United States.

[Nombre del solicitante] has proven to be a person of unquestionable integrity, dedication and compassion. One of the highlights of your time here has been your involvement in [describe any community activities, volunteering, or other forms of participation], which has had a significant positive impact on our community. His ability to work as part of a team, together with his persistence and creativity, has allowed us to implement innovative solutions to the various challenges we face.

In addition, [Nombre del solicitante] has shown admirable determination to better himself by engaging in [mention any studies, professional training or personal development efforts], which underscores his commitment not only to his own personal and professional growth, but also to contributing meaningfully to society.

Therefore, I consider that [Nombre del solicitante] is an exemplary candidate for any consideration in the U.S. immigration process. His ethics, values and contributions make him worthy of the opportunity to continue building a promising future in this country.

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I appreciate your attention to this letter of recommendation and am available to provide any additional information that may be required.

Sincerely yours,

[Tu nombre]
[Your signature, if printed] [Your signature, if printed

Juan’s story: the road to permanent residence

Juan Perez, a courageous 35-year-old Honduran, has called Houston, Texas, his home for the past five years. He arrived looking for new opportunities and quickly integrated into the construction industry, where his work ethic and leadership shined.

But Juan was not only dedicated to his work; he also became an active figure in his community, participating in literacy programs for immigrants and organizing events celebrating the rich Honduran culture.

Charter Application

True story letter of recommendation

Realizing that it was time to regularize his immigration status, Juan knew he would need more than his work history and community involvement to impress U.S. Citizenship and ImmigrationServices (USCIS).

I needed letters of recommendation. He approached Maria Gonzalez, his supervisor, who had seen firsthand his growth and contributions both at work and in the community. Aware of Juan’s positive impact, Maria did not hesitate to offer her support, committing to write him a letter of recommendation.

Mary drafted the letter using a template that highlighted John’s attributes and accomplishments. He focused on his leadership in projects to improve construction safety and his involvement in community initiatives, such as literacy programs.

His personalized narrative painted a vivid portrait of a man dedicated not only to his own success but also to the welfare of his community.

With Maria’s letter and other evidence of his character and contributions, Juan completed his application for adjustment of status. This dossier, which combined official documents with personal testimonies, was a faithful reflection of his life in the United States.

Presenting the letter of recommendation

Juan filed his application at the local USCIS office in Houston, a crucial step in his journey toward permanent residency. This act was not just an administrative procedure, but an affirmation of their commitment to their life in the United States and their hope for a secure future.

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Results Options:

  • Approval: If all goes well, Juan will receive his green card, opening the door to new employment opportunities and, eventually, the possibility of applying for U.S. citizenship.
  • Additional Review: Should your application require additional documentation or interviews, Juan is ready. It has a support network and is willing to provide any additional information needed.
  • Temporary Challenges: Although he may face delays or requests for additional information, Juan is prepared. With the support of an immigration attorney and his unwavering determination, he remains focused on his ultimate goal.

Juan’s story is a testament to the power of community and perseverance. It demonstrates how, even in the complex U.S. immigration system, a well-written letter of recommendation and community support can make a big difference for someone like Juan, who aspires to secure his place in his new home.

The Unraveling of the John Doe Story

Yes, the story has ended well and that is why we share it, to give hope and illusion to all.

After months of waiting, full of anxiety and hope, Juan finally received the news he had been waiting for: his application was approved. The excitement of learning that I was now a permanent resident of the United States was overwhelming.

This achievement not only represented recognition of their hard work and contribution to the community, but also the opportunity to build a secure and promising future.

With his permanent residency status in hand, Juan felt more empowered than ever. He continued to work in the construction industry, but now with the vision of moving up to positions of greater responsibility. His status allowed him to explore opportunities that were previously out of reach, including the possibility of starting his own business in the future.

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