Examples of a bona fide marriage immigration letter

When applying for a green card by marriage, one of the most important aspects to consider is to demonstrate that it is a “bona fide” marriage.

A bona fide marriage implies that the couple has a genuine intention to build a future together, and has not married solely for the purpose of obtaining immigration benefits such as a green card. If you have doubts about whether you qualify for a green card by marriage, it is essential to start by verifying your eligibility.

To prove a bona fide marriage, it is necessary to provide a number of documents and evidence during the green card application and interview process. Here we will explore how you can gather sufficient evidence to support the authenticity of your marriage to the government.

Submission of Documents with the Application

When preparing your application package, it is essential to present a variety of evidence that demonstrates the authenticity and strength of your marriage over time. Here are some examples of documents and evidence you can include:

Combined Finance Test:

  • Joint bank statements showing shared financial transactions.
  • Joint titles or deeds to real estate or vehicles.
  • Mortgage or financial loan documents indicating joint liability.
  • Joint credit card bills or insurance policies that include both spouses as beneficiaries.

Coexistence Test:

  • Joint lease or mortgage reflecting a shared address.
  • Utility bills in the name of both spouses at the same address.
  • IDs with the same address, such as driver’s licenses or identification cards.
  • Official correspondence addressed to both spouses at the same address.

Relationship and Commitment Test:

  • Photographs of family events, vacations or significant moments shared.
  • Joint travel history demonstrating mutual exploration and enjoyment.
  • Records of regular communications, such as text messages, e-mails or telephone records.
  • Written testimonials from friends or family to support the authenticity and strength of the relationship.
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Answering Interview Questions

The green card interview is an additional opportunity to demonstrate the authenticity of your marriage. During the interview, you may be asked questions about your relationship and married life. Here are some suggestions on how to prepare:

  • Be honest and consistent in answering questions about how you met, your life together, and your future plans.
  • Be prepared for personal questions that may come up during the interview, such as everyday preferences or intimate details about your relationship.
  • If you are asked questions separately from your spouse, respond consistently and honestly, maintaining consistency with your partner’s answers.

Demonstrating that your marriage is bona fide to the government during the marriage green card application process is crucial to ensure the success of your application.

By presenting a variety of documents and evidence to support the authenticity of your relationship and commitment to each other, as well as being prepared for the interview, you will increase your chances of obtaining your desired green card. Remember that honesty, consistency and the presentation of solid evidence are key in this process.

Sample Letter of Good Faith for Marriage Immigration

Here is a sample bona fide marriage letter for immigration that you can use.

[Nombre del Solicitante]

[Dirección del Solicitante]

City, State, Zip Code] [City, State, Zip Code


[USCIS/Oficina de Inmigración]

[Dirección de la Oficina de Inmigración]

City, State, Zip Code] [City, State, Zip Code

Dear USCIS Officials,

I, [Nombre del Solicitante], am submitting this letter in support of my application for adjustment of status to obtain a permanent resident card in the United States based on my marriage to [Nombre del Cónyuge], a U.S. citizen. Through this letter, I wish to demonstrate that our marriage is genuine and based on love, respect and mutual commitment.

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I met [Nombre del Cónyuge] at [Fecha o Circunstancias del Encuentro] and since then our relationship has blossomed and grown stronger. Throughout our relationship, we have faced challenges together and shared happy moments that have solidified our bond. Our commitment to each other is reflected in our daily lives, where we share financial, household and emotional responsibilities.

Below, I list some evidence of the authenticity of our marriage that we are attaching to this application:

  1. Combined Finance Tests:
    • Joint bank statements.
    • Lease agreement for our joint residence.
    • Utility bills in the name of both spouses.
  2. Coexistence Tests:
    • Photographs of our daily life and family events.
    • Official correspondence addressed to both spouses at the same address.
    • Identifications with the same address.
  3. Relationship and Commitment Tests:
    • Written testimonials from friends and family who know about our relationship.
    • Records of regular communications, such as text messages and emails.
    • Shared travel and vacation history.

I understand that it is critical for U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) to ensure that marriages in the immigration process are genuine and bona fide. Therefore, I am willing to provide any additional information or participate in an interview, if necessary, to prove the veracity of our marriage.

I sincerely appreciate your consideration of my application and trust that you will carefully review the attached evidence to make a fair decision. If you need more information, please do not hesitate to contact me.

Sincerely yours,

[Firma (si es una carta impresa)]

[Nombre del Solicitante]

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