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Employment agencies in the United States that specialize in helping immigrants find jobs play a crucial role in facilitating the integration of newcomers into the labor market.

These agencies offer a variety of services, including job search, resume preparation, job skills training and, in some cases, English as a second language classes.

Its goal is not only to help immigrants find jobs, but also to ensure that they are equipped to succeed in their roles.

These agencies can be either governmental organizations or private or non-profit entities. They often work in collaboration with local employers to identify employment opportunities that match the skills and experiences of immigrants.

In addition, they can offer advice and support on issues such as validating foreign credentials and navigating U.S. labor regulations.

State employment agencies

Here is a detailed description of some employment agencies in the United States that specialize in helping immigrants find jobs:


  • Description: USAJOBS is the official job portal of the United States government. It offers a wide range of job opportunities, including positions for immigrants.
  • How to sign up:
    • Create and complete a USAJOBS profile.
    • Save favorite jobs and searches.
    • Upload resumes and documents.
    • Make the resume visible to recruiters.
  • Type of Jobs: Variety of jobs in the government sector.
  • Application Process: Read the job postings carefully, understand the requirements, and follow the five-step application process outlined on each posting page.
  • Link: USAJOBS

2. National Association of State Workforce Agencies (NASWA)

  • Description: NASWA represents all state employment agencies in the U.S., D.C. and U.S. territories, offering training, employment, and veteran reemployment counseling and labor market information programs.
  • How to Apply: Visit the NASWA website to access the list of state employment agencies.
  • Type of Work: Varied, depending on each state agency.
  • Link: NASWA

3. National Immigration Law Center (NILC)

  • Description: NILC is an organization dedicated to defending and promoting the rights of low-income immigrants in the United States.
  • How to Apply: Through the legal services and support offered by NILC.
  • Type of Work: Assistance in finding legal and beneficial employment for immigrants.
  • Link: NILC
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4. Catholic Charities USA

  • Description: Provides essential services to immigrants and refugees in the U.S., advocating for policies that protect family unity and enable newcomers to contribute fully to their communities.
  • How to Apply: Contact Catholic Charities to access their integration programs and citizenship and immigration services.
  • Type of Work: Variety of services and support for immigrants and refugees.
  • Link: Catholic Charities USA

5. Hispanic Alliance for Career Advancement (HACE)

  • Description: HACE focuses on creating a diverse and inclusive work environment by assisting Latinos in all phases of their careers.
  • How to Apply: Through professional development programs, resources and networks.
  • Type of Work: Collaboration with employers to attract, develop and retain Latino and diverse professionals.
  • Link: HACE

These agencies play a key role in facilitating labor market access for immigrants, offering everything from employment opportunities to resources and support in developing their careers in the United States.

Private employment agencies

employment offices

Here is information about some of the private employment agencies in the USA:

  1. Kelly Services: A global workforce management company offering recruitment services in a variety of industries. It specializes in science, engineering, technology, telecommunications, education and government services. More information
  2. Randstad: Connects job seekers with employers in finance, technology, warehousing, administration and more. It is present in several major cities. More information
  3. Integrity Staffing Solutions: Helps find the right job and offers support and growth. It focuses on job categories such as warehouse, light industrial, administrative and professional. More information
  4. Frontline Source Group: A professional staffing agency offering recruiting opportunities, project-based recruiting, remote workers, permanent placement and executive search. Learn more about Frontline Source Group
  5. Nurse Finders: Specializes in jobs for nurses and allied health professionals, offering flexibility and a wide selection of jobs in the healthcare sector. Learn more about Nurse Finders
  6. AMN Healthcare: Provides innovative total talent and staffing solutions in healthcare. It focuses on nursing jobs, allied health professions, temporary physicians and permanent staff. More information
  7. TEKsystems: Provides IT recruiting services and helps find and retain qualified IT talent for business needs. More about TEKsystems
  8. Creative Circle: The largest creative recruitment agency in the U.S., connecting advertising, creative, marketing and interactive professionals with companies looking for talent. Learn more about Creative Circle
  9. Artisan: A nationwide creative recruitment agency connecting businesses with digital, creative and marketing talent for full-time and freelance work. Learn more about Artisan.
  10. The Help Company: A staffing and recruitment agency serving Los Angeles, San Francisco and New York, specializing in the integration of new employees in domestic and corporate settings. Learn more about The Help Company.
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How you can help me find a job

Private employment agencies in the United States, such as Kelly Services, Randstad, Integrity Staffing Solutions, Frontline Source Group, Nurse Finders, AMN Healthcare, TEKsystems, Creative Circle, Artisan and The Help Company, offer a wide range of recruitment and placement services in a variety of sectors.

These agencies can help you in the following ways:

  • Connecting with Opportunities: They connect you with employers in different industries, which increases your chances of finding a job that matches your skills and experience.
  • Specialization in Different Sectors: Each agency has its own specialization, such as technology, healthcare, engineering, marketing, creative design and administrative work, allowing you to find specific opportunities in your area of interest.
  • Flexibility in Employment Types: They offer a variety of employment options, including full-time, part-time, temporary and contract jobs.
  • Additional Services: Some agencies offer education and training services, especially useful for those seeking to improve their skills or transition to a new field of work.
  • Support During the Hiring Process: They provide you with assistance during the job search process, from resume preparation to the interview, which can increase your chances of success.
  • Access to Broad Networks: By having connections with numerous employers, these agencies can offer you access to employment opportunities that may not be publicly available.

City Specific Employment Agencies in the United States

These agencies usually have a local focus and specialize in the specific employment needs of their respective cities:

1. Allentown, PA

  • Featured Agencies: Remedy Intelligent Staffing, CareerLink.
  • Focus: Varies by agency, but generally offers a range of local employment opportunities in different sectors.

2. Houston, TX

  • Featured Agencies: Roomi Group, Texas Staffing Agency, A-1 Personnel Staffing.
  • Focus: These agencies offer employment services in a variety of industries, tailored to Houston’s economy and demand.

Milwaukee, WI

  • Featured Agencies: Fare Temps, Express Employment Professionals, Parallel Employment Group.
  • Focus: Focused on meeting local employment needs, including industries such as manufacturing and professional services.

4. Phoenix, AZ

  • Featured Agencies: Paul Mitchell Talent Management Group, The Phoenix Staffing, Motion Recruitment.
  • Focus: They offer a variety of positions in different sectors, reflecting the employment opportunities in Phoenix.

5. Chicago, IL

  • Featured Agencies: Elite Staffing, City Staffing Agency, Clear Staff.
  • Focus: Wide range of opportunities in Chicago’s vibrant economy, from corporate roles to industrial jobs.

6. New York, NY

  • Featured Agencies: CNS NYC, Pavillion Agency INC, Wilson Elser.
  • Focus: Opportunities in one of the most dynamic cities in the world, with a diverse range of industries and roles.

7. San Diego, CA

  • Featured Agencies: Select Staffing, Redwood Healthcare Staffing.
  • Focus: Jobs in key sectors in San Diego, such as healthcare, technology and tourism.

8. Miami, FL

  • Featured Agencies: Thrivas Staffing Agency, Pridestaff, Job R Us.
  • Focus: Employment in Miami’s vibrant economy, with a focus on hospitality, services and commerce.

Each of these agencies focuses on connecting job seekers with relevant opportunities in their respective cities, leveraging local knowledge to provide the best fit between employers and employees.

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