Automated case information from the Immigration Court

This system is a crucial tool designed by the U.S. Department of Justice. to provide real-time access to information on immigration cases. Facilitates immigrants, attorneys and other interested parties to check the status of immigration cases, including details on court hearings and decisions.

The purpose of automated case information is to increase the transparency and efficiency of the immigration court process by allowing users to obtain vital information without the need to contact court offices directly. You can access from here.

Given the high number of Hondurans migrating to the United States, this system becomes an indispensable resource for those seeking clarity on their immigration processes.

It allows Honduran users to check the status of their immigration case from anywhere, providing a sense of security and control over their legal status. It is especially valuable in a context where changes in immigration policies can quickly affect the status and rights of immigrants.

Step-by-step guide to using the system

To use the Immigration Court’s Automated Case Information system, it is essential to begin by visiting the specific website.

Here, you need to enter the A number (alien registration number), a unique identifier assigned to each immigrant.

This number allows access to detailed case information, including hearing schedules and the current status of the case.

It is a straightforward procedure designed to facilitate users’ quick and efficient consultation of their immigration cases. For more details on the specific step-by-step, visit

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Success stories and testimonials

I would like to share 2 success stories, which their protagonists have authorized me to make public.

Carlos’ Story: The Entrepreneur

Carlos, a Honduran immigrant in the U.S., was looking to start his own business but was unaware of how his immigration status could affect him.

By using the Automated Case Information system, he discovered that his audience had been scheduled, which was crucial to his business future. This information allowed him to coordinate with his attorney and prepare the necessary documents.

His case was successful, allowing him not only to regularize his situation but also to start his business, demonstrating the importance of being informed and prepared.

carlos and sofia

Sofia’s Story: Family Reunification

Sofia, also Honduran, was in the US. fighting for reunification with their children. Through the Automated Case Information system, he was able to track the progress of his asylum application and prepare for relevant hearings.

Transparency and access to information provided clarity and security during the process. Ultimately, her application was approved, and she achieved the long-awaited family reunification, highlighting how access to the right information can positively impact legal and personal processes.

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